About Us

SOLIT is one of the specialized Saudi companies in the field of Information Technology Services and business Solutions. SOLIT is a registered company in Saudi Arabia with the C. R. No. 1010542642 (AL'AEMAL WALHULUL). SOLIT is providing Services and IT consultancy to our clients in Saudi Arabia and gulf countries. Our team work consists of experienced professionals work as well as we have partnership with Global leading companies in the field of information technology.


Achieving the satisfaction of our clients and meet their needs by providing innovative technology solutions to improve the business environment.


Providing high quality services and IT solutions to contribute to achieving the goals of our customers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

How we work ?

We use effective methodologies in its application development process. Our development plan, in general, includes the key steps as Requirement Gathering, Software Design, Coding, and Testing. Along with the client, our Business Analyst / Project coordinator does the scoping and sign-off documents once a project is taken up.













Our Services

We are active in the field of Information Technology and business solutions. Our strategy can help you to control costs, improve delivery and manage risks. Our success is based on providing value through expertise and specialization. Your insights, combined with our skills and creativity, will result in branding and marketing that truly stand out. We’re ready to get started.

IT Consulting

We offer IT consultancy services that are based on a broader approach, based on extensive technology and market. Our consulting strategy can help you control costs, improve delivery and manage risks.

Business Solutions

We provide IT services for business solutions through our partnership with Global leading companies in the field of information technology.             

Web Design & Development

SOLIT provides custom website designs. Each custom design project starts with a fully functioning website based upon our proven CMS and website design platform.

Content Management System

A Content Management System or CMS is a tool which is used for creating, customizing and managing information. The primary goal of every content management system is to help you in managing information in a more efficient manner.

Document Management System

It is a computer system used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. It is usually capable of keeping track of the different versions modified by different users (history tracking).

Graphic Designing

Professional designers work for SOLIT in the field of graphics designing and all printings types , with high experience , creativity and the ability to develop and invent whatever new and distinctive.

SEO Services

We provide strategic internet marketing solutions for companies wishing to market their business online. We've developed a system that will boost businesses to the top of the search engine.

Digital Marketing

Our ecommerce consulting team will help you transform great digital experiences into amazing revenue generations to your Buiziness.

Network Solutions

We provide high security and efficient network services.                 

iOS App

We offers iOS Application Development services with the expertise and experience to build scalable and secure mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.

Android App

We are an experienced and mature app development provider that knows how to generate value through Android apps and maximize returns on your Android app investment

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Postal Address:

PO Box 200012 Riyadh

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,Riyadh,Alolaya-Mosa bin Nosair



(+966) 599833072

Office: (+966) 112626144


Contact: info@solit.sa